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  1. Ottawa Mens Centre21 October 2012 11:01

    Mr. Rudd needs to listen to his supporters.

    1. Anonymous9 July 2013 22:59

      Look, this time Mr Rudd will win the election and may be with big majority if he has his strategy right, as we all know the following are obvious:
      1, he is very popular both domestically and internationally
      2, he was elected last time, but was stabbed in the back by his close friend, so he deserve the second chance
      3, he has the courage to appoint Peter Costella to manage the future fund - a very good decision for the country benefit outweigh party interest!!! well done
      4, he is very close to people, a very approachable man.
      5, unluckily that I email to him several time to suggest some strategy for him to win and win with vast majority
      6, I hope he will clear his email before set the election day
      7, I have put money on to bet that he will be elected
      8, there were a lot of good thing that Kevin has done for Australian if you look at the positive side. If you look at the negative side as Julia complained that she has to manage the country with a divided party, she blame Kevin Rudd for the divided party, my god! be a leader, if you are not competent to bring the party together then be it, you are not good enough, do not blame anyone, PM position is the top in the country, therefore you must have a skill to bring your party members together- ie, build up a strong team!!!!
      in short, I hope Mr Rudd can identify me through email I sent to him several times in the past, I bet he will win

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  2. Anonymous6 February 2013 00:35

    Kein Rudd needs to support Labor and defeat Abbott.
    That means he needs to support Julia Gillard and not run a feral leadership campaign,

    Wake up Kevin, rally behind your leader you stupid dickhead. She's the leader. You can help Labor win. If you don't do this I might take some action ala USA revenge scenarios

    get real arsehole

    1. Anonymous13 February 2013 15:36

      The worlds economy is sprialling out of control, Australia is considered to be one of the few economies that is looking healthy years after the GFC hit the world. Why? Because the Rudd government made sure that money was still circulating in our economy. Daily highly educated people are being made redundant in Australia, why now? Maybe because Rudd isnt steering the ship. Politicians are very good at making decisions to win elections, but Statemen look to the long term. You will be begging him to come back, but will it be too late? Everyone looks to China as the economic saviour of economies, who is highly qualiified to nogtiate Australian.

    2. Kaidalen22 March 2013 21:51

      We didn't kick Rudd out, he got back stabbed by Julia. The Australian people want Kevin Rudd as our leader again, Julia is ruining this country, and Tony Abbot will do even more damage. We need Kevin Rudd to make our country good again. We don't want back stabbers and Budgie smugglers as our leader...If Julia really thinks AUSTRALIA wants HER to be PM, put it up for elections. Julia vs Tony vs Kevin, and we shall see what Australia does. We want Julia gone more than the next guy. Even more so Tony Abbot, We want Kevin Rudd back, He was actually a really good Prime Minister.

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  3. Anonymous20 February 2013 15:15

    Kevin Rudd!! We want you to visit or skype with the World Region's class at Virginia Tech! Check out our vid!


  4. Kaidalen22 March 2013 21:48

    Kevin Rudd, the Australian people want you as our Prime Minister. We don't want a PM who broke Australia and back stabbed the former Prime Minister. Australia wants you, we don't want Julia and we definatly don't want Tony Abbot. They will both ruin this country more. You might not win in the ballots against the other members, but if it was up to Australia, we would choose you to lead our nation once again, and put this country in safe hands again. RISE UP! and go to the elections!

  5. Anonymous7 April 2013 11:12

    Kevin Rudd should form his own political party. His party would be a real alternative to Abbott who thinks that working people have no rights and the incompetent Julia Gillard who stuffs up everything that she touches. She absolutely killed off the live cattle trade to Indonesia and as a result would have made other live cattle importers re-assess their trade with Australia. Knee Jerk reactions goaded by panic is not the way to handle situations such as those.

    We don't want that idiot Tony Abbott who acts like the ventriloquist's puppet.

    Kevin Rudd already has the high profile, the experience and the contacts with our closest trading partners. Kevin Rudd would be surprised with the groundswell of support he would receive. The vast majority absolutely hate Julia Gillard and see her as nothing but a lying, backstabbing, hard nosed and stupid person who has lost touch with reality.

    1. Anonymous2 May 2013 19:54

      You are right!

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  6. Anonymous10 April 2013 19:15

    Kev - you are a clown, you aint forign minister, you got sacked, NOBODY wants you, get back in your box

  7. Anonymous17 May 2013 19:11

    Dear Labor,

    I am a 42-year-old man who is a husband and father of four kids aged 6 to 13. I am a quintessential Labor heartland 'target'. I have been a life-long supporter of the party and a member since 2006 or so (currently unfinancial - see below). Since joining the ALP, I have noticed a couple of things that should concern you:
    1) I joined before the highly successful 'Kevin '07' campaign and was elated with his victory over what was an embarrassing, uncaring, self-righteous and pompous liberal/national government that told me and my family that we should look out for ourselves and fuck the rest of the country and the planet.
    2) The Labor Party then took the man who inspired me and many of my work colleagues (swinging voters who speak their mind to me over the fabled 'watercooler') and knifed him in the back.
    Today, I am left to defend the indefensible - the mid-term 'political assassination' of one of the most popular PMs ever elected in this country. I cannot begin to explain to my community why the ALP decided to dispense with KRudd. Kevin had made some poor calls leading up to his demise, but had he done to the last election still in charge of the country, he'd have won with a narrow majority and learned a valuable lesson in the process. If I am wrong (i.e. had he suffered a narrow loss), then the ALP could have still held its head high in opposition. However, today - in 2013 - the ALP is lost. We have no direction, there's no chance of beating the negative fear-monger in charge of the conservatives and there is nothing left in which I or my left-leaning peers can take any pride.
    The ALP won government in a landslide in 2007 and has since set about achieving the greatest act of political self-immolation ever seen in this country. Ask yourselves - since when was it the 'Labor way' to abandon the light on the hill in the pursuit of polls? When did the ALP start down the cancerous road of developing policy in response to focus group feedback?
    The ALP is a fine and proud institution that has not been served well in recent years. I do not advocate a return to the Rudd era - you have poisoned that well in your pursuit of factional power. What I do advocate is a return to principles - that the views and desires of the wealthy and privileged few are no more or no less than those of their fellow citizens of lesser means or opportunity; that social justice is a fundamental basis for community; that no individual should be denied a chance to succeed; and, that individual or minority pain and suffering should not be ignored to pander to the ignorance, selfishness and prejudice of the majority.
    In short my message to you is this. Return to your roots - the foundation that made the ALP great - before it it too late. The 2013 election is gone - I accept that and you should too. But at least introduce some proud and defiant principle into the last four months of government - for my sake and for the sake of the many disillusioned supporters of the hope of 2007.

  8. Anonymous20 May 2013 22:35


    Excellent article on your new, carefully thought-through and principled position marriage equality. That's more like it.

    42-year-old father of four.

  9. Anonymous22 May 2013 11:41

    Positive /true article above. I am a swinging voter but helped to elect you, Kevin in 2007 and was sorry for you when stabbed in the back and removed from PM.I still had faith in you and hoped you would make a comeback and possibly bring some sanity back into the governance of Australia, for the people by the people instead of factional in fighting and political indulgence and self preservation with all "snouts in the trough and on the gravy train" We used to be a proud, free and democratic nation, but sad to say now because of the push for globalization, one world government, one world monetary system, we can no longer claim to be a free nation of Australians. So why has our leaders, past and present of what ever political persuasion, show some GUTS or BALLS and tell the few remaining true Australian people what their agenda is instead of these subversive tactics being used to bring the people and my country to it's knees and when this happens, all men will wear the trousers back to front (with the opening at the back so as not to damage their trousers)and will say "YES" to everything in an effort to provide for their families. So I think it is all too late to shut the gate as the horse has gone. Sorry to say this last declaration of K Rudd's in support of "GAY Marriages", coming from a conventional married man with a family would reincarnate his ancestral name sake, one "Steel Rudd" who was a real man and POLITICAN". I realize that you are privileged to change your mind but can't for the life of me see what you hope to glean from your action but there must be some ulterior motive, like to destabilize the government more or to be under instructions from some foreign power to introduce this to my country, and fall into line with New Zealand, France and now the UK. I am one of the old breed and believe that of copulating is between Man and Woman, but now it is called being "GAY" where it used to be called, Man, "POOFTER" and Women, "Lesbians" but now we have to be Political Correct and lose our right to freedom of speech. In conclusion Kevin
    for what it is worth you have just lost my respect and put yourself down in the gutter and could possibly walk under a snakes belly with a topper hat on. So best of luck to you and the so called LABOR PARTY in the September election, as you will certainly need a miracle.

  10. Anonymous22 May 2013 17:18

    A P.S to the above, Kevin if you know of a country free of this gay marriage shit, that I could migrate to, be it legally or under the guise of being a BOAT PERSON or an asylum seeker then please let me know, before this rubbish gay marriage is made compulsory

  11. Anonymous22 May 2013 21:02

    If Kevin Rudd challenges again in two weeks, dis-endorse him and throw him out.
    His personal glory is blinkered to the good of the party and he needs to suffer the consequences. Three strikes, and every one of them has damaged the party. Enough is enough.

  12. Paul Baker2 June 2013 11:30

    Kevin can't defend the undefinable, the Labour Party dumped him because of his micromanagement of foreign policy but the won't admit that his foreign minister couldn't make prudent decision in time leaving Kevin to act at the last minute without the background material to ensure it was the right way to go, he's not entirely blameless for the troubles of the Labour Party throwing tantrums over his meal bring a young female member of the airforce to tires, highlights the point that as prime minister everyone expects you to prime ministral and not like a spoiled child.
    In saying that I believe the country was willing to let him grow into the position of Prime Minister but that decision was taken away fom them by the Labour Parties faceless men and instead of improving the parties standing they have do in 3 years what took he Labour Party in NSW 20 years to do nd turn the majority of the country against them

  13. Ture Sjolander9 June 2013 13:03

    Get back in your harness Mr Russian Caviar!



    Just get on to it!

    1. TURE SJOLANDER26 June 2013 19:37

      Kevin, now you are talking!!!
      Good on you mate! You took all my advise from 2007, 2010, and now 9 June 2013 and so forth. I thought so!
      Thank you for holding this your backdoor open.
      Let's cancel "our" China trip for now.
      This "internal" election tomorrow shall be confirmed massively on the Federal Election Day 14 September 2013.

      Tuesday 25 June, 2013. 7:33 PM

    2. Ture Sjolander26 June 2013 19:52

      Correction: 26 June 2013. 7:49 PM

      My computer was behind date. Funny things!
      It must be Prism?

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  14. Ture Sjolander 20139 June 2013 13:39

    You should know....Australia have never been so close to be a Republic as Right Now: http://www.au09.homestead.com/
    Take the big step NOW for the mankind!

    A 'lands slide' victory can be won only through a reset of rules. Here is the trick: Australian First Non Political Party.
    To be established after winning 14 September, traditionally and obsolete, election.
    The Peoples choice was You. They are all still around, and they shall still give you the clear support 2013.
    There is nothing wrong to be a egomaniac, just look at Abbott and his henchmen!!!
    Just coordinate your brilliant thoughts and speech again and Abbott will fall as easy as his 'Master' did, last time.
    It is not more difficult than that!
    Just relax, it will work, I can say, after after one gallbladder and two stents. No worries!
    All this current malicious party political mannerism is so simple to break through...use Pavlov's Bell and they will go away!

  15. Ture Sjolander I'm Australia9 June 2013 13:53

    The current Federal Election 14 September 2013 is very much like parents who are trying to save One of their Two children, and they don't love any of one them, anyhow.

  16. Ture Sjolander9 June 2013 14:15

    Finally a Reminder from 2007:

    Merci Beaucoup
    Ture Sjolander

  17. Ture Sjolander 201310 June 2013 09:10

    Abbott vs Palmer watching the circus from a nano drone in the Cyber Space.

    All the best!

    Ture Sjolander
    Recreational Republic President
    Fourth Estate

  18. Anonymous10 June 2013 11:34

    The top job beckons, we want you as our leader, go for it! Start your own Party if all else fails.......

    1. Ture Sjolander23 June 2013 19:00

      It will not fail!
      There is always a third option...
      Your "own" party, sounds funny!
      One shall re set the party as resetting a computer or anything else. This guys don't practice that they just want the gigs. They can't even unite within them self so how could they unite Australia.
      Change the name of Labor Party to "Block2Party".
      Meaning, block out the Two Party System!
      How? Get out of this Westminster for one term and reorganize and go head on to a Republic 2016.

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  19. Ture Sjolander10 June 2013 13:45

    Twitter, No way! Facebook, Never ever!

    This comment space is for the Elite only, and here I'm.

    Look at the drum ABC right now, how constipated they are. From Top to the bottom.
    Barrie Cassidy herding cats.
    In the mean time the troops in the Liberals and the Labors behave like addicted gamblers and resetting their strategy.
    Happy Birth Day ...It is hard to be Second in Charge.
    Viva Republic!

    1. Ture Sjolander15 June 2013 12:44




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  20. TURE SJOLANDER22 June 2013 23:42

    Two heads are better than one.
    You and Julia has to appear together on public LIVE television within one weeks time to show people where you both are heading.
    So simple is that!
    If that do not happen there will be two losers.

    People are sick and tired of this hide and seek, and Peekaboo Game.
    There is no other way out!

    Opposition already have two strategies for the election.
    Both of you got to understand that.
    Try a dice!!! If you two can't talk to each other.
    It is a very natural and modest request having you two in the very same studio at the very same time.
    Your facial and body language shall reveal what relations you have to each other.
    It is an emergency!


    Hurry uP, boys and girls.

  21. TURE SJOLANDER23 June 2013 00:18

    I'm here to give you both a hand, as a volunteer and presenter in the studio, being a A-political and neutral older citizen of Australia. I think I have all the credentials to interview both of you, and be the moderator for an approx. 20 minutes session in ABC's 24/7.
    Television, Radio and the Internet was not invented by journalist, nor was it invented for journalists.

    All the best!

  22. NEWSTIME2010 COM23 June 2013 12:04

    "The Age", "the editorial" saying that Gillard should step down instead of saying that Rudd should step up.
    Who are this guys using a nick name like The Age!
    Childish journalistic crap!
    Even more childish when Conroy and Garret make comments to this crap.
    May I say: NewsTime2010 is saying to Julia and Kevin to get in to a TV studio and have a conversation ASAP, and sort out this journalistic rubbish.
    If neither of you can't do that, talk to each other in the same physical room, now and later, I suggest you both to step down faster than light.
    All of your "supporters" would love to replace both of you as anyone know that anyone can be replaced in you business of politics. Your whole cabinet are all a bunch of single wolfs and "wanna be PM's" waiting for their turn.

    Are you both waiting for Godot? (and who is him/her/them)

    Ture Sjolander

    Ps/ Just don't simply expect Mr and Ms Nick Name in some stupid news media deciding our and yours political future.

  23. PH23 June 2013 17:14

    As a swing, but labour leaning voter (I have at various times voted for Hawke, Keating, Howard and Rudd governments), I am utterly despondent and angry that the Labor caucus seems set on forcing me to vote for someone as unelectable as Abbot.

    As much as I despise Abbot for some of his history, Gillard has broken her promises so consistently, out of political expediency, that she has no credibility, and virtually everything she says now sounds like empty words.

    Whilst i don't approve of parties changing policies in the face of every adverse poll, Gillard's lack of support in the polls is long standing and she has had more than a fair chance to persuade the public to the contrary and rather than things getting better, the more the public have seen of Gillard the less they like her.

    Now whilst I might ordinarily have respect for a party who shows its leader loyalty in the face of such polling, especially if that leader's poor polling was based on some principled stand, in this case there does not appear to be any principled basis for her lack of popularity, and having betrayed Rudd so thoroughly in 2010, it is not credible to believe Labor are sticking with Gillard out of a sense of loyalty. Rather this refusal to bow to the long confirmed opinion of the public just seems to compound the impression that the caucus has no respect for the will of the people at all.

    Labor needs to put Rudd in, and if they do so now they will have a fighting chance.

    As to those who think that if Rudd leads labor to the next election the opposition can readily trash him with all the statements by his Labor peers which came out at the last challenge, it seems to me the public is already well aware of those statements and yet this hasn't prevented Rudd's rise in popularity.

    Whilst some describe Gillard as being tough for her determination to stay in the face of polls as grim as the current ones, her determination, with all its implications for the next election and her fellow Labor members, just looks like selfishness to me.

    The people are crying out for a viable alternative to Abbot and Rudd is currently the only viable alternative. Give Labor and our democracy a chance.

  24. TURE SJOLANDER25 June 2013 10:03

    Not even Communism is a matter of numbers!

    Corruption will always win!

    The land of drought, flood and inbred.

  25. Ture Sjolander25 June 2013 13:09

    China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant!
    Can I come with you, I need a good new used heart, and take some new pictures of my art works, monumental sculptures I did in China with the titles "Knots" in Chinese but with the title "Memorial to my kidnapped son Matu", in English language.

    I can always carry your baggage on the trip.


    Ps I'm happy to stay in China to the 25 of September 2013.

  26. Ture Sjolander25 June 2013 13:24


    I'll endorse you to be appointed the Australian Ambassador to China 2014!
    Right Man in the "Right" Place.

  27. Ture Sjolander26 June 2013 20:00

    The gig in China is now vacant. hee heeh
    Could that be a job for the "deputy" or the Sabott?

  28. Lauren26 June 2013 21:17

    Congratulations Kevin! I was so happy for you when I heard the fantastic news. It's about time the labour party put our elected leader back in the place where we wanted him. I have never supported Julia, although I am a devout labour follower. It was not her place to stand in, and she was not a good leader, or as charismatic as you. Once again, congratulations! Good on you!

  29. Anonymous26 June 2013 22:44

    Mr Rudd, I read your home page statement which attempts to explain why you made the challenge. As a Labor voter of long-standing, and one who had hopes for you as PM, I was disappointed you were unseated from the post. I was more horrified as you dishonoured the party and stalked the incumbent for three years for your own self-serving reasons. You are not a person of honour or ethics and, if your support in the party is now premised on desperation for an election rather than on your ability to meld co-operation, then you will have a short shelf-life. You have sacrificed Labor heartland for personal interests...you are not supportable.

    1. Anonymous27 June 2013 04:02

      What are you on about...Kevin Rudd has stepped up mto the plate for Labor. Gillard would have been demolished at the election...trust me on this, Kevin Rudd is the people's Prime Minister. He'll win the election because he has a great back-story. Majority of people don't vote based on policies, most are sheep and are emotionally charged. Whoever moves the people, wins the people.

    2. Tom Brine27 June 2013 21:33

      We voted for Kevin Rudd. The only mistake ever made was when labor made a decision for all Australias to take away the person who we wanted to represent us.

      Labor has realized this mistake and i will forgive them for this

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  30. Anon Anonymous26 June 2013 23:49

    Address that to "your" Caucus Heartland 57 members personal interest, instead!

  31. Anonymous27 June 2013 08:18

    CONGRATULATIONS Kevin, Now I have someone to vote for in the next election

  32. Anonymous27 June 2013 08:44

    At least my vote will be counted to whom l wish to vote for and it isn't Abbot.

  33. Anonymous27 June 2013 10:52

    Good luck Kevin - and congratulations. Now we have a chance to win again.

  34. Ture Sjolander27 June 2013 13:10

    Day One:
    "Dragged down". Abbott have a bad conscious as he know very well that he him self, and his henchmen was the mob who drag down Julia Gillard, and now he want the credit for it.
    If I was in Kevin's shoes I would kindly give that mob that "credit".
    That shall be the first 10 points for Albanese and Rudd and all of us.
    I guess that straight response will result that Abbott will be dragged down by his own wider circle within the Opposition, if not selecting a new dog for them.
    The facial and the body language, and the color and volume of the voices combined with a kind intellect will take the center stage from today.
    People are sick and tired of the rugby mentality in the Parliament and all this gender war and insular mentality.

    The chainsaw politics has to go, and it will disappear under Rudd's leadership.

  35. Ture Sjolander27 June 2013 14:23

    I dearly hope that Kevin Rudd have not changed a bit since the Australian people appointed him as the leader of Australian Government. That would be a real disaster.
    I also really hope that he can continue unleashed as before.
    My greatest worries are that Kevin Rudd do not put his full eagle attention on the main news medias games, from now on and until the end of the school holidays.
    The news media in Australia have other interest than politics, not to forget!

    I'll be back...my eyes and ears are totally focused right now on Abbott's behavior, while he is not talking. That is a priceless and revealing info, and entertainment. 2:24 PM...

  36. NEWSTIME2010 net27 June 2013 15:41

    So far so good!
    It is running well and fresh.
    A little bit of Culture added would not hurt, at this moment.

    Sense moral:
    What we still are learning though is that evil faces is not better than faceless men.

  37. Tom Brine27 June 2013 21:24

    In 2007 i voted for Kevin and labor. I wanted Kevin to be the voice for Australians. When Julia became Prime minister, I felt our voice was taken away.
    Finally i feel like we have a voice again, a person who speaks for the people not at the people.

    Kevin Rudd a true Australian who will fight for a better Australia

  38. Anonymous28 June 2013 11:56

    Congratulations on continuing the job you were elected to do. I was disappointed with Julia Gillard and the team of aristocrats, and I am pleased they now understand that ordinary Australian would have voted for Tony Abbott had you have not resumed your position. Australia is lucky to have a resilient prime minister, you are a man who has proved to the Australian people a commitment, a commitment which didn't come easily as you have dedicated your journey of life to making sure you got our voice heard, and Good on Bill Shorten for also continuing to support you as we all embark on another remarkable Labor election campaign.

  39. TURE SJOLANDER28 June 2013 17:32

    Dear Kevin,
    Be prepared, the Opposition may demand to get a health report on you after this long-overdue vindication and return to High Office.
    It would not surprise me, at all.
    After all, nothing surprise me anymore.
    Just before Julia Gillard replaced you to be a caretaker you suffered from your gallbladder pain and that condition cause you to go through a serious surgery. On top of that your heart conditions, even more serious, lead to another operation.
    I can see how the new laws have been tightened even for people who wanna renew their driving license.
    Can you drive a nation and run a car, I'm sure Abbott and others will ask.
    Politics is a hard life, you said, and Abbott did agree to that, said yesterday. What he meant, I can only guess.

    They may not ask for your medical report presented in the Parliament as they rather would like to see you dramatically falling on your sword, in the very same house.
    Life is absurd!
    However, be prepared.

    All the best
    Your friend

    PS/ Wrote this very same comment at ABC the drum, twice.
    Not published yet!

  40. NEWSTIME2010.net29 June 2013 13:11

    Barry Cassidy ABC the drum: "Julia Gillard will not lead the Labor Party before the election"

    I said that already 2010 and again repeatedly 2011, 2012 and ABC never listen in a comment space at the drum.
    If you say something clever there they either not publish it or they steal it and make news of it in their own way.
    Their articles are like particles and all the comments are seen like dirt and dust...

    We all know that justice do not exist but injustice can still be reduced.
    To reduce the spread of nuclear weapons in the world seems to be as impossible as to spread money or power to the people.

  41. TURE SJOLANDER29 June 2013 17:07

    Being a very high-profile Australian I'm now interested to be a very low-profile Australian.
    Do you know any one who wanna swap with me?
    Combet is leaving, and soon another 40 caucus members.
    I could consider to replace a small number of them for the sake of the party.
    Anyone can be replaced and what happen now is a good sign for renewal of energy.

    Political mannerism has to go. That's life!

    There is hips of good Australians out there who know that you are the easy going pioneer in this country's political future.

    Compose your new crew, faster than light!!!
    But just don't look for politicians who are stuck in old patterns. My best advise!

  42. Ture Sjolander30 June 2013 20:24

    Give us something important in return now, for the first time:
    One Minister for Art, Communication and Science.

    Thank you and goodbye!
    Good Luck.

    Ture Sjolander

  43. First President of Australia2 July 2013 12:05

    The First President of Australia will be the First President of Australia!

    1. TURE SJOLANDER2 July 2013 12:07


    2. Reply
  44. Ture Sjolander4 July 2013 00:10

    Leigh Sales question Rudd and Abbott about their immigration policy. What is her own policy? She sound like she have one...
    There is no citizens who have a policy, at all.
    Now she think she has been smart to give studio time every second day for Kevin and Tony instead of having both of them LIVE in the very same studio space.
    Tony can not talk to Kevin in same room, he need the sound from his boxer gang behind him when he talk.
    Kevin don't need that "support".
    That is the only valid point.

    sense moral:
    Remember my earlier comment when I said: You and Julia should be in the same studio LIVE, before the caucus meeting.
    It did not work either. You two, could not be seen together.

  45. Sulphur Nation4 July 2013 20:05

    It is extraordinary unfortunate the whole situation.
    50% of the Australians (obviously including the Australian journalists)like to see Abbott disappear from the stage, and the other half of the Australian citizens want Rudd to disappear from the leadership of the country.
    Another hung parliament in sight, and another 3 year of hate, or can they be forced to join each other in Coalition Government, equal to a hung parliament. Catch22.
    It has to be something wrong with the People!
    Right place, wrong people?

  46. TURE SJOLANDER5 July 2013 16:30

    A Federal Election will not erase this current ongoing malicious political culture!
    It shall simply get worst.
    Australian insane journalism are entirely responsible for the chaos.

  47. Ture Sjolander6 July 2013 11:40

    I'm going to follow you until I have swallow you, all!
    I'm going to study you all, politicians and journalists 24/7 on news media until I get the job as President for this Nation.
    I don't wanna be a Second In Charge Leader like you, boys and girls.
    My aspirations and ambition is higher than yours, to be a Royal serf.
    What ever you say I'm rejecting your current politics.
    You are all completely useless leaders.

  48. Ture Sjolander9 July 2013 19:06

    Actually it is not the journalists per se...
    it is the television programmers, the guys who compose the content on the ABC you should study.
    They are the most face less men and woman in the whole nation.
    They know how to manipulate the people 24/7 every minute, and the politicians and the voters !
    Journalism is only a irrelevant "filla".


    The Medium is the Message is partly so right unless it is left.
    Their biggest dream now is to watch Kevin and Tony boxing.
    Talking Heads are the fav cake for them.
    They invaded the teleVISION from radio ones upon a time.

  49. Face less Men and Woman10 July 2013 18:00

    From Now on one can predict all response and reactions from Tony Abbott.
    That will be easy for Kevin Rudd!
    (Unless Abbott and his henchmen place some malicious legal traps of some kind, as usual)
    So watch out where you go!

  50. Ture Sjolander11 July 2013 11:14

    ABC 24/7 secrets during the night time. Breeding programs for younger less talented cadets for the future recruitment within the journalistic sector, and Foreign department through up letting air time to them to refer to and use in their CV,s.
    Older journalistic talking heads interviews them and train them how to behave visually in the reporting aspect of the medium tele-(VISION).
    Word diarrhea are rewarded if they use a blue tie.

  51. NEWSTIME2010 net11 July 2013 12:57

    I am completely flabbergasted when I look at all the stone faces in the audience in the National Press Club.
    Why not make a separate TV Live program about this stone faces.
    Study them while they listen.
    Fantastic interesting entertainment!
    It could be static photography of the speaker up in the right corner of the screen only during the speech.
    I'm not joking, because it is really a radio program running on teleVISION.
    The receivers of the senders speech have much more info than the speech it self, at that point in time.
    You can get the speech printed later or listen to it.
    I wanna see each person in the audience, even if it may be boring. I would guess there is a huge number of pretenders sitting there making notes. Even a stone face can reveal a huge info...
    When it is the question time after one should rather look at that person asking things, than looking at the subject.

  52. Ture Sjolander16 July 2013 00:04

    Last Comment:
    Day out and day in. People are standing there in the front of the TV cameras like ghosts, often with another zombie person just behind, talking about "Boats" and "People smugglers" etc etc...for NOW approx. 15 year, with thousands of "clever" Australian politicians and dumb head journalist.
    It has nothing to do with "Boats" or "smugglers".
    Remove all this faked nonsense, and extremely false untalented discussion, and wake up to the reality.
    This whole matter is far beyond politics, and light years from party politics.
    Never ever let this matter be a Federal Election Issue!!!!
    Go and shame all of you!
    It is a much bigger "issue" than no one of you have capability to handle.

    50.000 year ago people arrived by canoes, kayaks or any object they could cross the sea with, and from now they shall do the very same for another 1.000 years.
    It is a global matter. So let us start there from square One again.
    So stop this endlessly Talking Heads in the media before we all get a civil war.

  53. Ture Sjolander17 July 2013 12:52

    Forgot one important thing:
    Return this small old lime rock Christmas Island to Singapore or give it away to Indonesia, if they really wanna get it it. Trade it with something else.
    Then it is not an Australian Territory any longer.
    The Australian citizens on the Island do not have the life style they had before, and 2.000 of them, not many,
    can either stay as permanent residents or move to the mainland of Australia.
    Thereafter the Refugee Center, I proposed 2001, can be used for the Indonesians, and the center closed for good as it do not serve the purpose more for asylum seekers.

    It is not a bad idea after all!
    Think twice about it!

    It will only take a signature on a paper to make such a deal.
    America may be interested to purchase the rock for their drone experiments. If so the refugee seekers have to apply for residency in United States.
    The current 15 year old problems need a completely new take.
    This is it, and stop feeding your Pavlov dogs. It is enough.